All about tecktonic

This is a street dance composed of several dance types and moves. The combination include: hip hop, Jazz and disco among others. The history of the dance dates back from Paris at a popular night club. It spread globally through Francophone Africa and other continents. The night club used the upper body for dance movements hence the name of street dance. The hand also plays a vital role in the dance. The rhythm of the dance involves shaking and trembling of the hips and the foot as well as finger pointing. The hip creates a balance for the lower body during dancing motion, while the arm gives a rotate concept as the foot adds fun to the dance.


Apart from the dance, tecktonic is associates with specific fashion design common among the youths and teens. The hairstyle is basically Mohawk with tight pants and sleeveless tops. YouTube tecktonic dance videos have rolled the dance to the other parts of the world. It has played a big role in the spread of the new dance move since its inception in 2006. Artist like Mondotek has incorporated the dance in his song “Alive” making it a hit and a fashionable dancing style.  When Cyril Blanc and Alexander Barouzdin-business partners- realized the dance has become a hit they bought copyright and owned the copyrights.


Once the spread extended to global levels, software developers were not left out. They decided to design tutorials on how to play the dance. The tutorials are classified into two, the basic movements-which involves rotational movement of the hip, arm, knee and the foot. The second is the advanced movement which involves inclusion of the lower body movement with a jerky and tweak movements as you dance to the rhythm.  The tutorials are in theory and video form. Currently, there are many YouTube videos have incorporated tecktonic dance to upload videos which are crazy and gone viral.

The dance

The dance begins on a slow motion as you master the rhythm and prepare the body to master the art based on the music type.  As you progress, the dance becomes kinkier and the hands take almost 80% of the movement while the rest of the 20% is done by the feet. It is fast and eccentric. It then involves the feet movement at right angles in a fast motion. The upper body is not left either. At the peak of the dance, the head and the arms are involved in a rhythm that concurs with the music played.


Tecktonic dance is the current dance among the teens and the youth. Currently the clubs, discos, music and drama festivals have incorporated the dance in the dancing sessions. To master the dance moves visit the places and join the groups, within no time you shall have mastered the moves and become an expert. Gym sessions have also integrated the dance, due to its vigorous nature and heavy body movement ideal for burning calories and weight loss. Jam sessions have it, within their schedules. The young have mastered the tecktonic art and currently refer themselves as tecktoneers. It is currently a billion-dollar business.

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