The Top 5 Action Cameras for Recording Your Dancing

When you want to make a video that is captivating and is of high quality action cameras come to mind. They are much different from the normal cameras in that they were specially designed to capture objects/people in action. People have made use of action cameras in many fields including sports and in music.

What has made them popular with the young and the old alike is the fact that they are small, wearable portable, mountable and are perfect if you want to capture HD videos. Hundreds of dance videos are made daily for various reasons, whether they are made for dance competitions or for fitness programs just to mention a few. The challenge that faces many people is which action camera to use to capture the dance moves. Here is a list of some of the best action cameras you can use.

  • Sony HDR-ASR100V 

Sony HDR-ASR100V has a 13.5 MP sensor at the wide angel-lens spans 170 degrees making it different from the other action cameras. The case that accompanies it makes it water and dust proof. Another advantage is that you can control it using your Smartphone.

  • GoPro HERO4 Silver 

It has a 1.5 inch touch screen built-in which lets you view what you are recording. With the touch screen you do not need to move to the front of the camera to change the settings on the monochrome display. If you want to select capture modes that best suit your purpose you only need scroll and tap.  The touch screen has an on/off button so you can easily access it as considering its tendency to drain the battery.

 GoPro Hero4 Silver is 1.6 by 2.25 by 1.12 inches. The housing is water proof and is also thinner. The action camera performs quite well considering the fact that it produces a detailed footage. If you are looking for alternatives to GoPro then be sure to visit this page:

  • Kodak PixPro SP1 

Kodak differs from many action cameras as it does not need a waterproof case. It is waterproof itself and has an integrated display.  The camera is 2.02 by 1.55 by3.33 inches and is a little bit heavier than other action cameras. This makes it stronger and able to withstand falls of up to 2 meters. The field of view is 160 degrees and details of recordings are clear.

  • Drift HD Ghost-S 

This is one of the heaviest action cameras in the market. The size is 2.32 by 1.29 by 4.1 inch. It has a waterproof enclosure so you with it you don’t need a case. This is the perfect camera for underwater footages, as it can go nearly ten feet underwater without the case.  You can connect the camera to your phone through Wi-Fi and remotely operate it.

  • GoPro Hero4 Session  

What sets GoPro Hero 4 Session from other GoPros is the fact that it does not need housing to make it waterproof. It is waterproof to only around 30 feet.  You can easily pair it with your mobile phone via an App that you download. After pairing you can view everything on your phone and even share parts of the footage. GoPro Session has a couple of shooting modes that you can select (1440fps at 30fps to 480p at 120fps). Its main strengths include simplicity to use, high video quality and better audio.

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